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Partner Spotlight - Greater Atlanta Real Producers

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Written by Manuela Nivia

Photographed by Alexandra Santos Photography

Home Lenders of Georgia is a company that runs on passion. For 18 years, David and Dawn Munoz have built a businesses guided by the mission of ensuring the success and financial well-being of each or the clients they serve. Throughout their career in the mortgage industry, the couple has prided themselves in diligently ensuring the prosperity of families across Georgia and beyond.

"When it comes to mortgages, what our clients value, we value," Dawn described. "We know that each customer has specific needs, so we strive to meet those needs with a wide array of products with the lowest rates and closing costs. The homebuying and home-refinancing process can become overwhelming and complicated, but we're here to support customers through this exciting time."

Founder and president of Home Lenders of Georgia, David left his native Costa Rica for the United States at just 15 years old. Despite the challenges that this new journey entailed, David was determined to fully harness this rare opportunity to realize his bigger purpose. After graduating from Reinhardt University, David began working full time at a local mortgage company owned by a close friend. Just two short years later, however, David sought to pave his own path to success by launching Home Lenders of Georgia.

"Opening his own firm was a big leap for him, but he persevered through any challenges that he came across," Dawn shared. "David has always had a strong passion for people. He never gave up on himself, and he knew he could do it no matter what. David believes that everyone should have stability⁠— that families need a place to call home. This belief is what helped shape his company into a business that has a a strong drive to help all families in America achieve homeownership."

After spending a career in corporate America as a vice-president for a software company, Dawn joined Home Lenders of Georgia in 2005. Her strong business acumen and experience motivating successful high-performance teams made her the best fit to lead as the company's vice-president. Dawn and her team are known not just for providing excellent service, but also for the lifelong relationships they have cultivated with local clients and REALTORS® alike.

"When I started in the mortgage industry, I found that sense of reward and accomplishment I was looking for," Dawn recalled. "It's about the direct impact I can have on the customer. I am the decision-maker and that gives me the ability to be flexible on rates, closing costs, and find them the right product. I am able to help clients achieve their dream of homeownership and financial security even in the most difficult circumstances."

David and Dawn understand that real estate is undoubtedly one of the building blocks of personal and multi-generational wealth. As mortgage professionals, they strive to make homeownership possible for every family⁠— an achievement they hope will have significant effects on clients for generations to come. As a native Spanish speaker, David is particularly passionate about supporting the Latino community and empowering underserved communities. Throughout their almost two decades in the business, the duo has helped local families thrive, while creating a value-add for REALTORS® and ensuring their utmost success.

"We run our company as a family business with compassion and care," Dawn explained. "At the end of the day, we do what is best for the client, not what is best for us and for our pockets. I think it's important for REALTORS® to find partners like us who are invested in them and who will get their clients into their dream home."

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