Who We Are



Our mission is to diligently provide our clients the mortgage product they need because our desire is for the prosperity of ALL families in America.


Our entire brand and approach are built on our client's and referral partners' needs. Therefore, we invest time in understanding our client's personal goals and researching the best products to meet their needs.



We are here to give you
the best possible home
buying experience where we earn you as a client for life​


Our mission is to diligently provide our clients the mortgage product they need because our desire is for the prosperity of All families in America


We do what is best for YOU. We're not here to pressure you to buy a home for our own benefit.


Buying a home is one
of life's most significant decisions and we're here to treat it like that!


It's important for us to provide a safe place and
guarantee integrity. What sets Us apart? We give individual attention to each client in order to build a relationship and understand their needs on a personal level.

Home Lenders of Georgia is a company that runs on passion. David and Dawn Muñoz have built a business that prides itself in paying individual attention to every client, in order to help all families in America achieve their home-owning dreams.

Get to Know the Team

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David Muñoz


At just 15 years old, David came to America, the land known for opportunities. While leaving his family behind in Costa Rica was hard, he knew he was meant for more.
David started his mortgage career in 2002 when he began working for a friend of his. Just 2 short years later, he opened his own mortgage company, and Home Lenders of Georgia was born.
Opening his own firm was a big leap for him, but he persevered through any challenges that he came across. David has always had a strong passion for people. He never gave up on himself and knew he could do it no matter what. David believes that everyone should have stability, that families need a place to call home. This belief is what helped shape his company into a business that has a strong drive to help all families in America achieve homeownership. Every experience, hardship, and person he encountered helped shape him into the man he is today.
“There is certainly more for me to learn, more problems to solve, and more to build as I continue to grow Home Lenders of Georgia.”

Dawn Muñoz

Vice President

Dawn began her career in the mortgage industry in 2005, joining her husband who was already working as a mortgage loan officer.  

She previously worked in Corporate America as a VP for a software company, but something was missing.  "When I started in the mortgage industry, I found that sense of reward and accomplishment I was looking for.  I was able to help consumers achieve their dream of homeownership and financial security even in the most difficult circumstances."

Originally from the Northeast, she attended Penn State University for her first two years and then moved to Georgia to finish her education at Oglethorpe University.  She loves numbers and working with people, and she enjoys giving clients financial advice.

She is often asked by many lenders how they can clone her and her staff because not only do they provide excellent service, but they also make friends for life with clients and real estate agents.


Sade Burroughs

Mortgage Loan Originator

Determined, compassionate, and resourceful are some of the best words to describe Sade. She began her career in real estate over ten years ago, and during that time realized the importance of having a loan originator that is knowledgeable and empathetic. Seeing the stress people went through inspired her to switch to the mortgage side of the business. Raised in a family rooted in Military service, Sade has always had a passion for serving others. 
"I love the ability to empower people, spread knowledge, and work alongside families as they conquer financial goals. Everyday provides an opportunity to meet new people and create meaningful relationships, that is why I chose this career."


Ubaldo De Leon

Mortgage Loan Originator


Emily Gadrix

Mortgage Loan Originator

Growing up in Georgia, Emily was raised a Bulldog, and later earned her bachelor's at the University of Georgia.  Being a Loan Originator, Emily has learned the value of integrity, tough grit, and responsibility.
When asked what sets a mortgage broker apart from the rest, Emily responds, "transparency, a sense of obligation, a sense of urgency, bird-dog commitment to excellence, and in some cases some good old fashion southern charm."
When Emily is off duty, she enjoys taking walks with her husband and their yellow lab Charlie, spending time on Lake Lanier, and eating take-out while streaming all their new favorite shows.


Jill Hall

Mortgage Loan Processor

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Deborah Tolson

Mortgage Loan Processor


Perla Gomez

Perla is a college graduate from Georgia State University. Creating content has always been her passion, whether it be digital graphics, pictures, or videos, she has always been drawn to creating something that others discover value in. At Home Lenders of Georgia, she has the freedom to use her creativity in order to bring Dawn and Davids visions to life.
"The ability to learn new skills and grow my expertise is why I love being a part of this team."

Marketing and Communications Specialist

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