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Living the American Dream With the Muñoz Family

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

By Lisa Lossie

At just 15 years old, a church missionary group brought David Muñoz to the United States for the opportunity to get a better education. He left his family in Costa Rica and eleven years later, he took the oath and became an American citizen. "David truly believes the United States is the land of opportunity and is blessed to be an American and he does not take that privilege lightly. Even though he loves his home country, Costa Rica, he is passionate about the American flag and its meaning. Because of the love he has for the United States, the American anthem gives him goosebumps every time, especially at the Braves stadium," says Dawn, his wife of 22 years.

“We love living in this community,” says David. “It’s peaceful and you can see all the stars at night or calm your soul while you listen to crickets or bullfrogs at night or awaken in the morning to the singing of roosters. It’s the perfect combination of living in a luxury suburban community but with all the amenities that country life gives you, horses, cows, chickens, and vegetable gardens.”

After purchasing the farm in 2018, David had a dream. He got up at 2:30 in the morning and started drawing the house he envisioned. The dream became a reality when their dear friend, a builder brought it to life, a true dream home!

“We wanted to get out of a neighborhood so we could give our children a farm life,” says Dawn. Now they have a chicken coup with 22 chickens, organic eggs, Rex the rabbit, and Gracie their rescue kitten. With a love for animals, both of their children are enjoying farm life.

“Manny loves the idea of farming but also he loves tilling dirt with his John Deere tractor or mowing the yard so that he can get paid $40 every time,” says David. “He has a special love for animals, especially his chickens, and started selling farm fresh eggs.”

Manny and his dad also share a special bond over sports. Since Manny started playing baseball at age 5, David has always been by his side, helping with the team or coaching. For the past three years, Manny has played for the travel baseball team, The Georgia Jackets. He is also playing football for NAFL, and David is right there along his side coaching.

Hannah started riding horses when she was four years old and loves gymnastics. She loves animals and wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up.

“Hannah has a natural talent for drawing,” says David. “Her imagination is amazing when she has a pencil and paper in her hand. She is super outgoing with adults and friends.”

The Muñoz family moved to Milton in 2016 so their children could attend King’s Ridge Christian School. Manny and Hannah are 14 months apart, but everyone thinks they are twins.

“Manny’s name is his nickname. His real name is Cesar Emmanuel Muñoz. I named him that because of the blessing God gave me, finally being able to have a baby,” says Dawn. “Hannah Grace is named after Hannah in the bible when God had Grace on Hannah and gave her a son after she pleaded him.”

Faith is a big part of their life, and they are teaching their children to live God’s word.

“Always do the right thing no matter how hard it is,” says Dawn. Finish what you started. Remember that God gives us our victories. We are who we are because of God. We are equipped with everything we need in life, so we get what we work for.”

Travel is also a big part of the Muñoz family life and their children have been on the go since they were babies. Every year they head down to Costa Rica to see David’s family and experience some new adventures in the land of Pura Vida.

“David learned English in rural North Georgia,” says Dawn. So, when you talk to him, you can hear a Southern Spanish accent. I think people are confused, is he from the South or is he from another country!” They also enjoy getting down to the Keys where David and Manny love to fish. But home in Milton is truly where their heart is.

“Stop by and say hello if you see us out and about. My husband has never met a stranger. My children take after him. If anyone ever needs anything come to us and we will help regardless of what that may be. Just excuse David for wearing dirty shorts and a shirt and his dirty John Deere hat,” jokes Dawn. I love the fact that my children not only have us as parents, but we also have the parents of my children’s friends and teammates who will treat them as their own children. We love that no matter the social status of the individual that lives here, everyone is down to Earth.” If anyone needs a friend, the Muñoz family always have a door and heart open for anyone in need.

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